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Upcoming New Ford Focus

Focus Ford Sedan 2018

Focus Ford Sedan 2018

Ford Focus is a compact automobile which reunited both international and North American models by releasing the international Mk3 worldwide. After less than a year releasing the debut of the new and improved Ford Focus, there are some floating rumors giving a vague idea of how the new car might look like, while the new reports suggest that the new Ford Focus could feature an entirely new design. We are expecting so much for the new car to be loaded with all new technologies and design to make it much better than the current version. Anyway, another rumor saying that the new Ford Focus will look like an “A3 that copied a 1 Series” based on the statement of a user on forum WorldScoop who reportedly works at the facility the building process of the new car happens.

Along with circulating of some rumors, we’ve heard some points that lead us to the possible time when the new car will arrive. Just like you, we are also so excited to see the new car to be released. It must be very enticing to get all new upgrades and improvements on the new car. Here, we’re sharing everything we got from the current rumors of upcoming new Ford Focus price and release date. You’re going to be ready to spare a certain day just to witness the coming of new Ford Focus. With the speculation of the new car’s price, you can make yourself ready with your budget if you are enticed in getting one of the new Ford Focus as your vehicle.

Release Date of New Ford Focus

Based on the production estimates, the release of the new Ford Focus ST is expected to be in this fall. Based on the user who gave us a vague idea about the design of the new Ford Focus, the new car is rumored to start the resembling in March of 2018. The stated time is a tad earlier than we expected so far, and it is also rumored to go on sale shortly after that. Although the new Ford Focus is rumored to make its debit early in 2018, apparently, for all enthusiasts in the US will need to wait until late 2018 or even until early 2019 to get the next generation of Ford Focus. Anyway, that’s from rumors after all. Everything might change from its prediction and rumors. We just can hope that the new Ford Focus will meet the perfect time to hit the market.

Price Rumors of New Ford Focus

Focus Ford Hatchback 2018

Focus Ford Hatchback 2018

Price always be an important matter to know when a brand new product, no matter what it is, is releasing. That’s why we are so excited to collect as many as sources that stating about the price of new Ford Focus. Especially for Ford Focus ST, the official pricing will start from $25,950 including destination. This value equates to a $300 increase over the previous year. The price is also $700 more than a 2018 Focus Titanium, but it is at the MSRP of $41,995 for the Ford Focus RS. Another speculation is also mentioning about the possible price of the new Ford Focus ST. Based on what we heard so far, the 2018 Ford Focus RS will allegedly cost $41,995 including destination. It is the same value with the first rumor’s speculation. If you are waiting for the limited-edition vehicles, it is estimated to arrive this fall, based on the statement of an ordering guide. There’s no official statement about this yet. By the way, it the figure about the price is correct, it represents a $5,000 increase over the base price of the current Focus RS which starts at $36,995 after $875 for the destination.

The 2018 Focus RS comes with the RS2 package, which is a selection for $2,785 on the current model. If we look at the price, it might seem significant at first glance, but we have to know that 2018 Focus RS is a limited edition model loaded with extra equipment for the new model year. The price includes heated, heated exterior mirrors, leather-trimmed Recaro seats with eight-way power adjustment for the driver, a heated three-spoke steering wheel, and also voice-activated navigation system that will be very much helpful.

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