Located in the middle of nowhere, 1.5 hours south of Chicago, Space & Time is creative space that is a half recording studio and half cabin. Situated on two acres of land with no immediate neighbors it is intended to be rustic.- a simple environment in which to focus on your art.

In the most simple terms when you book time here you are just renting the space and time. Unlike a conventional studio there isn’t an engineer and gear built into the cost (there are exceptions to that statement ie. mic stands, cables). The philosophy can be best described with two scenarios that are at opposite ends of the spectrum of how musicians could use the space:

– a band wants to track 5 songs. They hire an engineer who rents a basic recording package from us (laptop, interface, microphones, headphones) and supplements it with his or her small collection of premium outboard gear and microphones. They book two days at Space & Time, they record, have a bonfire, have some beers in the back yard, then take the files back to Chicago for overdubs and mixing.
In this scenario the band are renting the space, renting the gear and paying the engineer. The price will probably work out to about the same as a cheap studio in Chicago, but with no bonfire etc.

– a singer/songwriter wants to develop some new ideas. They have an iPad they run Garageband on, and that’s all they need for this project. They book two days here, maybe bring their friend and let loose to see what results.
In this scenario they are only renting the space.

Those and everything in between.

The space is owned by Jamie Carter, who offers recording, mixing and mastering (here and anywhere else in the world), and you should get in touch with him if you have any questions.