Various drums available, both vintage and modern, for clients of the studio to record with.


CarterCo Recording is a Chicago recording studio that backs up it’s creative aesthetic with a creative approach. The engineers that work here strive to give you a high quality recording and an original sound that suits your style. Since 2005 we have been located in […]

A California Series Telecaster, available for musicians to record with advance notice.


Drew Mantia’s Audio Examples: Drew Mantia Audio Examples by CarterCo Recording Jamie Carter’s Audio Examples:Jamie Carter Audio Examples by Carterco Recording Shawn Wilson’s Audio Examples: Shawn Wilson Work Samples by CarterCo Recording  

A fantastic sounding analog recording console from the early 80s. The Neotek Series 1 has great sounding pre amps and eq section. This board is used for both analog and digital recording.


Console: 16 Ch. Neotek Series 1 Digital: Pro Tools 11 on Windows 7 w/ MOTU 24 i/o Analog Recorders: Otari MX70 , 1” 16 Track / MTR10 , 1/4″ 2 Track Plug Ins: Universal Audio UAD-2 w/ Ultra Pak Izotope Ozone 5 Waves Diamond, SSL […]

An early morning view outside of our Control Room window. A great scene to complement recording, mixing and mastering at CarterCo Recording in Chicago.


Control Room Tracking Room Tracking Room Lounge / Isolation Room General Lounge

A industry standard vocal microphone. Combined with the right preamp it sounds fantastic. Great for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.


Studio Rates as of 6/28/2015: Click on the name below to be taken to the engineer’s website. To hear audio samples, visit our Audio page. Drew Mantia – $55/hr Jamie Carter $350 for 10 hour day Shawn Wilson – $35/hr   Call 773 782 6866 […]

A one inch 16 track analog tape machine. Combined with the Neotek Series 1 console, CarterCo Recording is fully equipped for great sounding analog recording in Chicago.


For general inquiries : 773-782-6866 To get in touch with a specific engineer visit their website: Drew Mantia Jamie Carter Shawn Wilson